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Ruling Elders 

As a member of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Unity Presbyterian Church is governed by Ruling Elders elected by the congregation. Together, with the Pastor, they exercise leadership, government, spiritual discernment, and discipline and have responsibilities for the life of the congregation as well as the whole church. Elders are ordained to this office and installed to service for terms no longer than three years

The current serving Elders operating as the Session are:

Ed Brett (2026)

Paul Ellison (2024) Co-chair of Resources Committee

Rosetta Haynes (2024) 

Rick Kohr (2025) Chair of Worship Committee, Co-chair of Resources Committee

Valentine Muyumba (2025) Co-chair of Discipleship Committee

Karen Walker (2026) 

Clerk of Session Jan Smith

Moderator Rev. Andrew Black

Treasurer Dr. Ronald Kohr 

Financial Secretary Lorna Brett



Unity also ordains and installs called members to the office of Deacon to serve three year terms for a ministry of service in the Church. This includes ministering to those in need, visiting the sick, and concern for all in distress. They focus their efforts on the members of Unity and the people in our community seeking to lead to congregation in service and Christian Discipleship.

The current serving Deacons are:

Jan Buffington (2024)

Truby Johnson (2025)

Elizabeth Rosene (2025)



Unity Presbyterian Church is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and as such has a corporation formed to hold and maintain the property and assets of the church. Members of the congregation are elected to 3 year terms as Trustees who take on the responsibilities of maintaining the church grounds and property and sit as the members of the corporation. The congregation commissions these members to act in conjunction with the Elders and Deacons in service of the church. 

The current serving Trustees are:

Gary Buck (2025)

Barb Potter (2024)

Rose Ray (2026)