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Inspired by our Saints

In the many ways God has called us.

Bill Brett Memorial Coin Collection

Bill was an inspiration to the church on generous giving always encouraging us to give from our hearts. After his passing his wife Judy brought all the cans, mason jars, and potato chip tubes he had collected spare change in through out his life time and donated it to the children of Unity. Our kids we’re able split it up between their schools and purchase nonperishable items for the Backpack Programs to help send food home on the weekends for students in need. We continue to encourage our members to donate their spare pocket change to the Bill Brett Memorial Coin Collection and our elementary school students continue to supply their schools each year with donations to the Backpack program that they go and shop for themselves. 

Howard Attkinson “Beans” Collection

Inspired by Howard’s love of serving food to the community, particularly bean dinners, Unity supports the United Campus Ministries food pantry by collecting beans of all kinds on Communion Sunday’s to share with the students at ISU, Ivy Tech, Rose Hulman, and Saint-Mary-of-the-Woods.